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Recycled Plastics Manufacturing
Stimulus Fund

The $5 million Recycled Plastics Manufacturing Stimulus Fund (RPMS Fund) will support projects in BC that are increasing the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in the production of plastic items, focusing on innovation, supply chain resiliency and supporting the plastic circular economy. 

In order to be eligible for funding, projects should achieve at least one of the following outcomes when it comes to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics:

  • Increase BC’s processing capacity to supply more PCR plastics to product and packaging manufacturers

  • Increase the use of PCR plastics in manufacturing

  • Support PCR plastics product research, design, and testing, including trials that have the potential to increase the use of PCR plastic

This fund is administered by Alacrity Canada. The Alacrity Cleantech team will assess applications for eligibility together with Synergy Foundation, a circular economy subject matter expert. 


The application period for the RPMS Fund is now closed. Approved applicants will be announced in April 2021. For more information on the fund, head to the Alacrity Canada website.


 This project is funded by the Government of British Columbia's CleanBC Program. 


More than 40% of all plastics are designed to be used once and then thrown away.

87% of plastics in Canada end up in landfills, only 9% is recycled, and the remaining 4% is incinerated.