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Sustainable Development Goals

Synergy Foundation is working to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were created to achieve sustainable development, realize social justice, and end poverty by 2030. We have prioritized 8 of the 17 goals that align most with Synergy’s work. Here are some highlights on how we are taking action:

  • Synergy has a rooftop garden for staff

  • FED's My FED Farm program increases food security for vulnerable populations by providing food garden kits to food insecure households and community organizations such as Our Place and Rainbow Kitchen

  • FED's Street to Sky program promotes sustainable agriculture by identifying underused urban areas for food production and connecting urban landowners with urban farmers

  • All Synergy staff members, including co-op students and interns, are paid a living wage or greater and receive paid wellness days

  • All Synergy staff members receive an annual budget for professional development which can be used for courses, workshops, conferences, and more

  • Synergy approaches all projects and job opportunities with an equity lens

  • Project Zero supports entrepreneurs who are traditionally underrepresented in climate solutions, including BIPOC, women, and youth, to create green jobs in the circular economy

  • BC Green Business encourages businesses to provide benefits and wellness packages to all full-time employees

  • FED's Street to Sky program makes our urban centres more resilient and sustainable by reducing barriers to urban agriculture

  • The Project Zero Incubator fosters innovation in the circular economy and provides investment opportunities through the Circular Economy Micro-Loan Fund

  • BC Green Businesssupports businesses to identify and implement operational changes to reduce emissions that promote sustainable development

  • Synergy supports green community projects, such as the launch of a recycling depot at the Dididaht Community School, which provides employment opportunities for the students and diverts the community's waste

  • FED's Blanshard Streetscape and Urban Learning Garden directly improve the accessibility of green space in Victoria's downtown core

  • The Project Zero Incubator enables entrepreneurs to pursue business ventures that contribute to decarbonization through circular practices and reduced resource dependency

  • BC Green Business encourages businesses to provide staff with subsidized bus passes and promote low emission transport to and from work

  • Synergy adheres to a strict sustainable purchasing policy

  • Synergy acted as the circular economy subject matter expert to assist the Alacrity Foundation with selecting recipients of the $5 million BC Plastics Action Fund

  • FED collaborates with eateries, food producers, and other local food actors to promote responsible dining

  • Project Zero promotes responsible consumption and production through education, including professional webinars, class talks, and free resources

  • BC Green Business supports businesses to create their own sustainable purchasing policies and provides recommendations on products that reduce virgin resource consumption

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-13.jpg
  • Climate action is the main driver behind all of Synergy's work across programs

  • Synergy does not provide single use items to staff nor guests at our office

  • The Project Zero Incubator supports businesses, including graduates like Salt Legacy, The Nulla Project, and Flipside Plastics, that are addressing waste streams that impact our oceans

  • BC Green Business works with Surfrider Canada to help businesses reduce their reliance on single use plastics

  • Synergy builds awareness and inspires action on climate action through professional, public and educational events

  • Synergy's work growing the circular economy ensures that fewer virgin materials are extracted from the planet for the means of production

  • FED installs pollinator gardens across southern Vancouver Island to promote biodiversity and habitat

  • Synergy actively creates networks of likeminded organizations, communities, and individuals who are taking climate-driven action and are working towards a more just and equitable future for all

  • Synergy provided SDG coaching to tourism businesses across BC to help them build their Decade of Action plans through the BC Tourism Resiliency Network Decade of Action Program, hosted by Synergy Enterprises

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