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Along with running our programs and events, we also offer a variety of other services

Circular Economy Business Consulting

We support businesses through the transition to circular and zero waste models. If your business is looking to inventory your waste or explore circular solutions, we want to hear about your challenge and help you find new ways to reduce waste and turn it into a new revenue stream.

Business Plan Reviews
& Coaching

Looking for a third party to review your business plan? Synergy Foundation is here to help! As business advisers, we can offer you an objective review of your business plan and make recommendations on areas of improvement in preparation for your lending or investment request.

Urban Agriculture Project Design, Build & Maintenance

The FED Urban Ag team offers consulting for designing urban gardens on commercial and residential developments in the Capital Regional District. Contact to
inquire about your project.

Non-Profit Incorporation & Strategic Planning

Synergy Foundation supports other non-profit organizations that are starting up or are looking strategic planning assistance. If you are looking to start a non-profit and need assistance structuring your organization or setting up your first strategic plan, connect with us.

Looking for help with other areas of green business?

Check out our sister for-profit, 
Synergy Enterprises, for support in
measuring your greenhouse gas
emissions, corporate sustainability
strategy and more.


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